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Becky Casement

Deputy Chief Executive

Becky’s involvement with ECT Charity began when she joined the organisation for six months as an On Purpose Associate in 2015. She later returned as General Manager in 2016, becoming Deputy Chief Executive in November 2017.

Becky began her career in talent management: brokering and managing the creation of new businesses, harnessing relationship networks and advising a diverse range of international actors on their careers and diversification opportunities. Having established a diverse skillset in this field she joined the On Purpose programme to facilitate a transition to the social enterprise and third sector space. In addition to her placement with ECT Charity, Becky worked for King’s College London’s Widening Participation Department on a ground-breaking project with the Behavioural Insights Team as an On Purpose Associate.

Becky has a BSc in Natural Sciences (Psychology and Anthropology) from Durham University.

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