Vision, Mission & Values

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Our vision is for inclusion and accessibility for all members of society, whatever their transport needs.


Our mission is to:


Our values are as follows:

We care passionately about making a difference.  We are motivated by a powerful and genuine desire to make a difference to the individuals and communities we serve. This aim is shared across our board, our staff, our suppliers and our stakeholders. We are committed to adding value through our actions, and enriching the lives of those using our services. We enable people with mobility difficulties or with a lack of access to transport – whether young or old – to live independent lives and participate in their communities. In this way, we reduce social isolation through providing safe, accessible and affordable transport.

We always go the extra mile.  We offer the highest quality, personal service. The personal, caring aspect of how we deliver our services is what sets us apart from others. We are friendly, patient and professional, and we do everything we can to ensure the safety, comfort, happiness and well-being of our customers. We are always improving our services in line with our users’ needs and we aim to be the best at what we do, setting the standard for the sector.

We are an organisation that you can trust.  Trust is at the heart of everything that we do. We operate in a way that demands trust between our own staff and board members, from our partners, from our customers and other members of the public. This means trust in our standards of delivery, trust in the reliability of our service and trust in us as people who care. We work to maintain and build upon our historical reputation for delivering a reliable, safe, high quality, affordable service for local people who really depend on it.

We are flexible, adaptable and open to change.  We are always open to new thinking, and we embrace change. We think about solutions rather than problems. When a solution is hard to find we take a practical, commonsense approach. We have the ability to change and adapt to what is required – whether this involves changes in legislation, commissioning criteria, strategy or new projects. We are keen to explore new ways to improve our services and increase our social impact.

We believe in collaboration and the sharing of success and ideas.  We are truly collaborative, with each other and with our partners. Teamwork is critical to our success, and at every level drivers, operations staff and our senior team work together to ensure we deliver a high quality service that we can all be proud of. We build successful partnerships and work to promote shared success for the good of the community transport sector, both by sharing our knowledge and through pursuing shared opportunities.

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