Staying Safe

July 15, 2021

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Staying safe


At ECT our primary concern is our passengers and our staff. That is why, even after the much-anticipated announcement there will be changes made to the advice and regulations around Covid and the use of face coverings etc. on the 19th July, we are not going to be relaxing our own approach to safety. It is heartening to see the Mayor of London take the same approach, and we support this view for all public transport.

We believe we need to remain vigilant. It is clear from the increase in cases, hospitalisations, and the very sad continuation in deaths attributable to Covid that we are still in a pandemic. Many people have not been vaccinated and even if they are, there are new variants, there is not an absolute end to the ability to transmit the virus, and there is no surety that someone vaccinated cannot become infected.

We deal with some of the most vulnerable people in society. Over the last 18 months or so, everyone at ECT has been totally focussed on providing support, but also ensuring we look after the safety of everyone we deal with. Passengers, other members of our staff team, and all those we come into contact with. It is unthinkable that we should suddenly decide we no longer need to give them due consideration.

ECT will therefore continue to retain the measures of face coverings, reduced numbers for social distancing and encourage hands, face, space as before on all our vehicles and in our premises. Anyone on our buses will be required to wear a face covering as this reduces the risk they will infect someone else and as wearing a face covering is such a simple line of protection. Clearly anyone with a medical condition or who has other legitimate reasons for not wearing a face covering can simply explain this to our drivers or passenger assistants as before.

We trust that all our passengers will understand the reasons why we are taking this approach and thank them for their continued vigilance and support to ensure everyone involved with ECT is as safe as they can be.

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