ECT takes on its first apprentice!

May 26, 2015

ECT takes on its first apprentice! image

An apprenticeship is a structured programme focussed on developing the new skills and knowledge required in a new job. Apprentices join a company or organisation and learn on the job with other employees, whilst building knowledge and skills through a series of workshops. The experience aims to improve their prospects for future employment.

In January this year Lee Digby - ECT’s first apprentice - joined the team as an Operations Assistant, helping to coordinate all aspects of the day to day delivery of ECT’s community transport services – including taking bookings, assigning vehicles and drivers, organising our fleet of minibuses and dealing with customers.

By signing up the 12-month apprenticeship scheme with Redwood Skills, ECT became part of the 100 in 100 Campaign launched by Ealing Council to encourage local businesses to create 100 apprenticeships in 100 days.

Lee, 19, decided he was not best suited to study at university and wanted to join the workplace instead. For a few months after leaving school he looked for work but he found it hard to get a job he wanted whilst his skills and experience were still limited. He then discovered the apprenticeship scheme and didn’t think twice.

After four months working at at ECT, Lee says: “The apprenticeship with ECT has changed my life completely. I struggled before I joined ECT and found it hard to find a motivation or a goal, but now working here I feel happy to work and I am developing every day.

I love that I am working for a charity helping elderly people who struggle to use transport. I live with my Nan so the work I do relates to my home life because I am helping many others like my Nan who are elderly and want to get out more. I feel blessed that I can offer people help who need it and it puts a smile on my face every time I make a phone call. I want this for the long run and my goal and ambition is to help the community change and become a better place.”

Anna Whitty, Chief Executive of ECT, said: “From day one, Lee has shown energy and enthusiasm. I am proud to see ECT providing opportunities for young people in the local area to learn new skills.”

To find out more about apprenticeship opportunities in Ealing, you can visit the Ealing Council website.

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