Staff & Trustees

John Chesters image

John Chesters

Chief Executive

Becky Casement image

Becky Casement

Deputy Chief Executive

Caroline Murray-Lyon image

Caroline Murray-Lyon

Head of Governance and Strategy

Diane Morgan image

Diane Morgan

Transport and Standards Manager

Frank Villeneuve Smith image

Frank Villeneuve Smith

Head of Communications

Helen Statham image

Helen Statham

‚ÄčOperations Assistant, Cheshire

Hilary Daniels image

Hilary Daniels

Senior Operations Controller, Dorset‚Äč

Ifrah Ibrahim image

Ifrah Ibrahim

Operations Manager, Ealing

Inderjit Purewal image

Inderjit Purewal

Operations Manager, Ealing

Jay Solanki image

Jay Solanki

Driver Assessor Trainer, Ealing

Jeff Latimer image

Jeff Latimer

Operations Assistant, Dorset

Kari Ridout image

Kari Ridout

Operations Controller, Dorset

Kez Etan image

Kez Etan

General Manager, Ealing

Manpreet Rai image

Manpreet Rai

Operations Assistant, Ealing

Mike Clubb image

Mike Clubb

Operations Administrator, Dorset

Peter Rose image

Peter Rose

Operations Controller, Ealing

Sharon Renner image

Sharon Renner

Operations Controller, Ealing

Shirley Young image

Shirley Young

Finance Officer

Simon Finnie image

Simon Finnie

General Manager, Cheshire

Suzanne Daly image

Suzanne Daly

Head of Finance

Tim Christian image

Tim Christian

General Manager, Dorset